This year’s GRAPH EXPO, which was held from October 26-29 in Chicago, was like none other with an expanded focus on new market segments and the latest technological innovations from leading industry companies. Exchange is proud to provide coverage of the show so that you can catch up on the events, opinions and news that took place at this years' show.

In this podcast, Louise Fisher, the human resources director for Xerox Global Services (Europe) underscores the importance of effectively managing change during the outsourcing delivery process.

In this podcast, Paul Lundy, managing director for the Document Outsourcing and Communication Services business of Xerox Global Services talks about how document personalization strategies and communication engineering techniques can make customer communication work harder to capture opportunities in your marketplace.

In this podcast, John Kelly, corporate vice president of Xerox, and vice president of Xerox Global Services (North America), talks about how businesses can transform themselves through document outsourcing in an age of information overload.